Add character to your wrist game

Add character to your wrist game

Some men spend more time focusing on their outfits without realizing that jewellery is one element that is often overlooked.

Mens Beaded Bracelet

We won't argue that a nice watch is very stylish and makes a statement worn on its own but the simple addition of a bracelet (or a few) stacked together can turn your wrist into an outfit-making feature. Think of jewellery as you would pocket squares, a pin or a cool belt—a hint of colour and texture to spice up your outfit.

While bracelets vary in terms of materials and styles , a beaded strand is one of the easiest to adopt. With its bohemian cool appearance, beads can never run the risk of looking too loud. That laidback look can tone down some dressed up mens fashion styles while creating a timepiece.

Sodalite Beaded Bracelet

However you choose to wear a bracelet, it’s wise to have a distinctive one in your accessories box or, even better, build a collection that you can easily layer.

We welcome you to browse our different collections to see if one catches your eye (or two or three) and reflect your personal style.

Some of our clients have sworn that after adopting one, they could never look back and feel naked without one hugging their wrist. 

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