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How to wear men's bracelets to elevate your outfit

Jewelry is often overlooked by men as they generally focus on their outfits, watch and shoes. Watches look great worn alone but adding a bracelet or layering several different size beaded bracelets or jewelry styles can really make the time shine through. Most guys wouldn't think to wear accessories, but RM KANDY offers a wide range of men's premium handmade beaded, leather and cord bracelets that can add flair and character through their textures and tones,  elevating your look in seconds.

There are so many great reasons to wear our unique bracelet designs. They are handcrafted in Montreal using the highest quality materials available on the market at the best price points, they can be layered with different styles for an instant fashion update or used as one's signature piece. Some charms used to create the jewelry are limited in quantity, making them unique to the person wearing them.


The beaded bracelet has been the most fashionable arm accessory for men in recent years and their popularity lies not only with its vast selection, but goes well beyond what's seen on every other guy around town. Beaded bracelets look trendy stacked, mixing semi-precious stones, materials, bead sizes, and colour for a combination that is unique to your wrist.

If you're wearing a dressy formal suit, opt for a monochrome and minimal bracelet look such as a smaller bead size worn on the same wrist as your watch. For your casual or weekend looks, choose to layer a few and add some colour and texture, drawing on colours from your outfit to make the men’s bracelet pop.

Wondering how to wear a men's bracelet with a watch?

The general style rule is to wear a bracelet on the opposite wrist to your watch. However, some guys prefer to wear several bracelets which can be worn on the same wrist as your watch, if they complement the colour of your time piece or the materials used. Wearing a bracelet on the opposite wrist to your watch can be confusing for some men. But, if you’re looking for a casual look with no particular preference then this is perfect! 

Male fashion can be quite versatile, with leather bracelets being one of the most popular types. A man’s wrist is usually where you’ll find them worn, either as a simple band or more intricate pieces that wrap around twice, not only stylish but also durable.

If you’re more comfortable with a simple style and colour palette, we have some classic designs that will never run out of style. In this case, you may opt for a beaded strand in our black onyx or lava stone collection or if you prefer the earth tones, opt for a tiger eye bracelet (as shown on the picture) that is so versatile and easy to integrate with your casual to dressy outfits.  

Looking and feeling good is important no matter what time it may be; whether it's day or night time, so why not make sure every detail counts?
From simple and classic designs to more fashion-forward styles, there's a bracelet for every guy who appreciates style and accessorizing.

Here are three easy ways to style mens bracelets to make the most of your wardrobe.

If you're more of a sporty guy, try pairing a cord (rope) bracelet with a casual button-down shirt, turtle neck and jeans. It'll add some personality to your outfit without being too flashy.


For the rugged guy, pairing a lava beaded bracelet or double wrap leather bracelet with a denim jean and a sweat shirt for a laid-back vibe is recommended.




For the "GQ Guy" that wants to look sharp, wearing a sleek brown leather or evil eye beaded bracelet with an all-black outfit could add just the right amount of edge to the attire. 



However you decide to wear one, it’s wise to have a distinctive bracelet in your accessories wardrobe. Or, even better yet, build your own stack by layering some stylish pieces that represent who you are.

We believe that men's jewelry should be an extension of the person wearing it. RM KANDY designs are created from the heart, inspired by people and places, so each piece has a story to tell.

If you have never worn a bracelet, why not try one? You may find yourself drawn to them for their style and practicality. Bracelets can make an outfit so much more interesting by adding texture or colour. We have many options in our collections so be sure to check them out at.

If you’re looking into purchasing one today, you'll be happy to know that buying two men’s bracelets gets you an automatic discount at checkout. Prices are what you see on the website and free shipping is offered on all orders 150$ plus within Canada. 

The best time is now to elevate your wrist game with one of our unique creations. Hoping that you found this post helpful, inspiring you to add a little bit of fun and personality to your style. Make sure Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay connected and up to date. Cheers!

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