Interview with The Founder

Interview with The Founder

RM KANDY Interview founder Ramona

Kindly share what you do with us and what inspired you to start doing what you do , also what title best describes you?

I'm a creator, an artist at heart and an entrepreneur! I create timeless jewels for women and men. I would describe the style as "BOHO CHIC" I started this brand while I was recovering from a big surgery (it was a side passion) and as a homage to my late brother. My mission is to spread love one jewel at a time, make people feel great wearing my pieces and give back to my community!

What do you love most about what you do?

I get to create pieces and content that are inspired by people, places and feelings. Everything I do comes truly from my heart. That's everything to me! What I love most is that I keep growing and learning every single day.

What are some of your challenges?

Being a one woman show for the time being, wearing so many different hats and being somewhat of a perfectionist. I always want to excel at what I do, give my best and that’s often challenging.  

What is unique about your Services and what other things you do? 

I truly care about each of my clients. I want for people to feel special wearing my pieces and my approach is very personable. Their satisfaction is my top priority as I spend time building my brand and nurturing my relationships on and offline. I also work in social media and content creation.

What are some of your high moments?

Reaching people overseas and outside of Canada, being a small brand and getting heartfelt messages back regarding their experience. Collaborations for causes (no matter the size) fill up my heart!

Where do you see your Brand in a few years and what should we expect this year?

 I am looking to pivot, grow my business to reach more people with the mission behind my brand; which is to give back to my community.

If you would have to change something about yourself or your brand what would that be?

Put myself way more out there (step it up) which is what I am focusing on and work on fine tuning my branding. One thing at at time! 

How many years have you been in this line of business and what do you have to say to our audience?

I have been in this particular business for 2 years (It's my baby) it's new...

I want to make people feel great, give back to my community and spread love through my work.

"We can make a change by being the change and that's my contribution to making our world a better place, one jewel at at time".

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