Almost a year into this pandemic, to jazz things up even more, RMKANDY has designed a fashionable accessory to further this mask trend- Mask Chains! 


These handcrafted  chains can be incorporated into your daily stack with the rest of your jewellery. Wearing your mask has never been this fun. Aside from being the newest trend, mask chains are also extremely functional.

Below is one that is so perfect for Spring and Summer. The Morganite gemstone chain is so feminine, neutral and will fit with all your outfits.

Have you ever dropped your mask chain on the ground? Or lost it after taking it off during a meal or when running your errands? I sure have, several times in fact. Having a mask chain makes life so much easier, trust me. Your mask will always be safe, clean, and easy to access. 

These handmade chains are the greatest way to ensure that you actually have and wear your mask when needed, which is essential in preventing the spread of the virus. Also if you plan to travel, it will be so practical to carry one on you. 

The three in one multipurpose jewellery chains are all handmade and can be worn as a sunglass or mask chain as well as a necklace when connected together at each end. That's the great part, as we hopefully put the mask days behind us some day soon, this investment won't go to waste as you can repurpose it. 

Who doesn't enjoy having an accessory piece that can be used for different occasions? I kid you not, it has made my life so much more pleasant while staying safe and fashionable.

Why not give your sunglasses and masks the same amount of attention that you give your neck, fingers, ankles, and wrist? Try it if you haven't already as you just may get attached for good.




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