Women's Gold Pearl Drop Earring and necklace at RM Kandy

Love in Style: Your Valentine's Gift Guide

Dear fashion enthusiasts,

As the founder and designer of RM KANDY, I'm thrilled to unveil some of my latest jewelry designs, just in time for the season of love. Valentine's Day, for me, goes beyond the romantic; it's an opportunity to express affection, appreciation, and gratitude for the cherished connections in our lives. Wouldn't you agree? 

The new jewelry pieces are a celebration of versatility, designed with the modern woman in mind. From a working professional ready to conquer the day and seamlessly transition to an evening out, to the ceo mom hitting the gym before heading to face her full on day, these pieces are crafted for the dynamic, multifaceted aspects of your life.

Picture this: a statement ring that effortlessly transforms your day-to-day office attire into an evening showstopper, or earrings that complement your gym wear and seamlessly elevate your work ensemble. These are not just accessories; they are your companions in navigating the diverse roles you play.

Here are just a few timeless earring choices to wear on repeat!

Women's Mini Gold Hoop Earrings at RM KandyWomen's Gold Stud Earrings at RM Kandy

Gold Textured Hoop Earrings for women at RM KandyWomen's Gold Leaf Earrings with Pearl Detail at RM KandyWomen's Pearl Hoop Earrings at RM kandy

Many pieces in the collection are specifically designed for the working woman, mom who seeks easy elegance; jewels that effortlessly transform your busy day to an evening look. They are crafted with the understanding that your day doesn't fit into a single mold, and your jewelry shouldn't either. Keeping you in style for any occasion is at the heart of the creations.

Also, the rings are designed to be adjustable and versatile to fit any finger of your choice. That alone is a way of styling your outfit in different ways, layering and stacking your jewels to make you feel your best. 


As you explore the collection, envision the ease with which these pieces can be layered with your existing jewelry, creating a unique expression of your style. There are no rules when it comes to jewelry, it's your personal rule, your unique way of expressing yourself and jewels will always be one of the greatest ways to instantly make you look polished while feeling your absolute best.

Women's Beaded Lapis pearl and gold Necklace at RM kandyWomen's Turquoise Beaded Necklace with pearls and gold charm


And here's the beauty of it, each piece is not just an accessory; it's a statement of conscious living. At RM KANDY sustainability is of great importance and my  commitment to working with eco-friendly materials are truly reflected in each design. 


Gold Evil Eye Drop Earrings for women at RM KandyWomen's Cuff Bangle Bracelet ruby stones at RM KandyWomen's Gold Beaded Bracelet with Pearl Charm at RM KandyWomen's Gold Beaded Bracelet with Pearl charm at RM KandyWomen's Pearl Drop Earrings handmade at RM Kandy

This Valentine's Day, consider gifting yourself, or the incredible women in your life, a piece that resonates with their dynamic spirit. Whether it's your partner, mother, sister, or a dear friend, an RM KANDY jewel is a gesture of appreciation for their individuality and the shared moments that make life simply beautiful. Lastly, gift cards are offered in different price ranges online as well as a collection of unique bracelets for modern men who appreciate to accessorize and want the perfect companion to their favourite watch.

So let's celebrate love, connection, and the timeless beauty of handmade, sustainable jewelry this Valentine's Day with RM KANDY. Your jewelry, your rules. If you're into conscious style and living and wish to give the designer brands a run for their money, this brand is for you. Express yourself with style and intention.

With love and gratitude,


Founder and Designer, RM KANDY

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